Medders Surveying is proud to have served the Southeast Tennessee area since 2005. We provide a wide array of professional surveying services, from simple boundary surveys to high precision ALTA Surveys. We take pride in our reputation for attention to detail and thoroughness. Our land planning services provide help through all aspects of the development process. Thanks to the ever-changing subdivision requirements and state regulations, our staff has developed a high level of expertise in helping property owners work through the hurdle of state and federal permitting issues. We are proud to have been involved in some of Southeast Tennessee's premier developments of recent years. From a small commercial site to a 2,800 acre boundary survey, we have the experience to bring your concept to completion. Christian and Cayla Medders moved to the Southeast Tennessee area and started Medders Surveying in 2005. Together they have established a reputation for being a honest, knowledgeable, and reliable survey firm. Christian Medders has been in the surveying field since 1996. He is registered as a land surveyor in Georgia and Tennessee. Medders Surveying also owns the records of William Roberts, Troy Slack, Robert Cantley, John Norwood, Johnny Kerr, and some of Morgan Watkins. If you are interested in obtaining the services of Medders Surveying, we welcome you to call or schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you!
OLD SURVEY RECORDS Medders Surveying has acquired records from other firms and retired surveyors that operated in our service area. We are pleased to offer our assistance to their previous clients with any of their survey needs and/or questions. Medders Surveying owns the records of William Roberts, Troy Slack, Robert Cantley, John Norwood, Johnny Kerr, Paul Lingerfelt, and some of Morgan Watkins.
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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How much will a survey cost? You can request an estimated cost of the survey you need. The surveyor's cost estimate will be based on the anticipated difficulty and estimated time needed to complete the required tasks. Fees can be estimated, but since every property and its chain of title is different, the surveyor cannot always predict the amount of work required to recover and analyze the best evidence. The amount of time required to obtain field measurements and make boundary determinations depends on the availability and proximity of the physical and written evidence. The surveyor will be able to provide you with a cost estimate based upon an hourly rate, experience with similar jobs, and a general knowledge of the area. What qualities should I look for in a surveying company? It is important to select a surveyor who has the professional staff available to perform the required work in a timely yet thorough manner. That firm should also have available to them the necessary equipment and knowledge to complete the task efficiently without sacrificing quality. The surveying firm should carry workman’s compensation, general liability and professional liability insurance to protect the consumer from unforeseen circumstances. The company needs to also have a state registered land surveyor in each and every office working full time by state law. Choosing a surveying firm that is well established and is familiar with your locality is also very important. It takes time for a professional to become knowledgeable of the local customs that are in effect and which have been used in the past, including the manner in which the local governments deal with development. Additionally, the company should be willing to provide a list of local clients for whom similar work has been performed to allow you to check references and obtain referrals. Why is the survey I recently had performed different from a previous survey I have? Discrepancies between surveys are usually attributable to two reasons. The first reason is that measurement, depending upon the tools used and the manner performed, is subject to some variation. Two surveyors measuring the same line may obtain slightly different values. Both of the values should be similar, but they will only approach the true theoretical value through repetition and statistical analysis. The second and usually more profound reason is that measurements are made from, and decisions are based upon written and physical evidence. If a survey is based upon something other than the best evidence available, discrepancies can and frequently do occur. It is the surveyor’s responsibility to seek the best evidence available, and by its very nature, that evidence is subject to interpretation. Seeking the best evidence generally takes time and effort, both of which are true attributes of a thorough survey. What type of survey should be requested for design of new construction? Whenever new construction is proposed, the preparation of a boundary and topographic survey will enable the architect or engineer to determine the existing site conditions for the design of the proposed improvement. Medders Surveying will ask key questions to determine what sort of detail is required to provide what the design professionals require along with the requirements of the governing agencies when applicable.
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